My name is Cruz Gutierrez and I'm from Aurora, Illinois. I'm also a proud Marine Corps Veteran. I have a profound and passionate love for photography. I started as a student of film and ventured into photography in 2009. My first memory of picking up a stills camera was way back in the late 80's though. My mother had this polaroid camera that printed photos as you took them. It was a toy to me and I loved every moment with it! Some things never change though. Today, I still see cameras as working toys and my surroundings as a playground. I have been given a raw talent and I continue to try and perfect it. Always learning and always forward.


Today, I use my ever changing skills to capture lifestyle, sports, architectural, products, and pretty much any imaging work that I get my eyes on. I love to use creativity and work ethic to the best of my ability. This ever expanding world has so much potential and the yearning to capture all of it is an impossible task but it doesn't stop me. I love being out there and would love to be out there for you! Give me a call and we will move forward!